another first blogpost

It seems I have not yet been able to successfully commit to blogland although there has been no lack of trying ..

so here again .. I do the beginning thing again ..

I want to just let it all go and refrain from deleting and editing after the fact because that is where I start caring about what was and I really need to just say fuckit and let the past be the past ..

so this blog will be just me without a theme without direction without caring about looking good or adjusting my punctuation and grammar just a place to have some fun writing and posting stuff


Planetary life is much more interesting and satisfying since starting yoga – svaroopa at the yoga spot ! Yoga has always loved me since way back in the Lilias days of yore and after that there was Richard Hittleman. Although in those days I was much more of a total mental waste, I managed to follow those gurus of hathayoga. Now after several billion years without yoga, the svaroopa I am loving ! This is a core based style of yoga – a focus on awareness and bones and gravity.



2 Responses to “another first blogpost”

  1. Raven Says:

    omg… I LOVE those skeletons!!! Sweet! I’m tickled pink to find someone who remembers Lilias. I used to follow it as much as possible but I have to admit to a rather wasted brain back then myself. I wish I could go to a local class, I think I could really benefit again now.

  2. dhyana rose Says:

    Hi Raven – glad you can relate to the skeletons !
    Lilias was my first and foremost yoga teacher.
    You don’t forget your first love.
    I was living in a motel in northern ca where I watched & practiced religiously.
    She was an incredible innocent lovely long braided woman then .. I have kept her first book that was offered with that TV series !


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