the suspense is thrilling me

this is the point in the dye process where I can believe that love is possible and life could truly become a bowl of cherries

Last night I dyed 3 yards of my new satin rayon – this time I twisted and scrunched it into a bucket for the two color overnight technique

I love this part because before I see the results it could be beautiful or mud or boring or completely glorious but it is still unknown and therefore, well, portentous (is that a word?) – but anyway, it’s sitting there in the bucket waiting for me to perform the reveal and I love not doing it – delaying that imminent gratification or disappointment –

I buy my procion dyes at dharma trading co . The quality is there, the price is right, the service impeccable. Well, I had to at least put a link in here – no photos – the computer doesn’t like the camera dock at the moment.


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