my january

.. what is snowing ?
caspers – january 2008

3 Responses to “my january”

  1. Pat Gleason (Yurtmeister) Says:

    Is this a rhetorical question? Or an allegorical one?

    I’m really going to have to ponder that one…Snow is so many things to me; so much a part of my history. Inspiration for a future in-depth post! (If you don’t see one on my LJ in the next month, remind me that I made this commitment & light a fire beneath my b*tt!)

    Finally made it over to your new blog. Thanks for the invite!

    (I think I’ve exceeded my quota of exclamation points here…)

  2. Pat Gleason (Yurtmeister) Says:

    I just realized – the evil Info Services demon here at work has not blocked access to your blog! It won’t let me anywhere near LJ – or even access the OP/ED pages of my local newspaper. Cool! A ray of Sunshine to brighten up the workaday world.

  3. dhyana rose Says:

    This was just a silly question. Something in my mind says ‘snow’ when I think january, and of course, we skip winter entirely here in so cal – as you can see by the greenery, the clear path, and the last of a few fall leaves.
    There’s no way anyone would know anything about the existence of snow around here .. hence the question.

    Always glad to provide a ray of sunshine, Pat.
    Welcome !
    But I don’t think you get any notices as to my reply – if you do, let me know – thanks.


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