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March 20, 2008

Well folks, I guess if you live long enough the gods might send you a friend ..
I just so happened to get blessed bigtime with a new friend.
Having been lonely and miserable for so long – well – this is nice, and I’m sharing it with you, so you’re damn lucky.
Part of me wants to keep it all to myself because I don’t want to tarnish or misrepresent anything about it.
But since it’s a such a blessing for me .. meet Tim .. .. my friend.

We had a great Caspers trek – 3-6-08 – fortunately he decided to carry an extra 50 pounds.
It was a smart thing for him to do – that way my weakness wouldn’t be so much of a burden. I’m more of an explorer than a hiker, so I’m slow on top of slow if you catch my drift.



happy trails

January 18, 2008
Yesterday I took the whole day to explore the juaneno and sanjuancreek trails.
This terrain makes me giggle and puts the widest grin on my face.
Like coming home ..

The juaneno trail weaves in and out from wooded canyon cliffs into rocky, scrubby, san juan creek – a bit dry these days – but to me so beautiful.

So, the camera is going to be fine .. I need to grow into it ..
.. that’s a good thing.
My monitor is poor which doesn’t help. Graphics card is very good. All these billions of pixels are immensely difficult to control, but I am comfortable in knowing I want to learn it all, including photoshop CS !