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spring duet

March 24, 2008


After an exclusive and exhilarating hike in santiago canyon

with Rick Behl, I came home to find the hummingbird nest had not one but two babies !




March 20, 2008

Well folks, I guess if you live long enough the gods might send you a friend ..
I just so happened to get blessed bigtime with a new friend.
Having been lonely and miserable for so long – well – this is nice, and I’m sharing it with you, so you’re damn lucky.
Part of me wants to keep it all to myself because I don’t want to tarnish or misrepresent anything about it.
But since it’s a such a blessing for me .. meet Tim .. .. my friend.

We had a great Caspers trek – 3-6-08 – fortunately he decided to carry an extra 50 pounds.
It was a smart thing for him to do – that way my weakness wouldn’t be so much of a burden. I’m more of an explorer than a hiker, so I’m slow on top of slow if you catch my drift.


the land

February 27, 2008
Last week env200 had an ‘intro to birding’ field trip with Paul Klahr ..
so great to experience early morning in the Laguna Greenbelt, listening to billions of birds.
We saw and heard a pair of gnatcatchers – on the watchlist.
I have been loving some great clouded days too ..
perfect for hiking the Caspers east ridge –
deliciously lush and beautiful ..
native species – feels like home
white sage*


glad that’s over

November 27, 2007


We did the traditional thanksgiving here for seven people – felt like 27 – and I am never going to eat again – food and holidays are entirely overrated

Really – I’ve had enough – bah humbug

It’s my turn to be sittin’ here watching the wheels go round and round I really love to watch them roll

You take over from here – here’s some good recipe links ..

williams sonoma

david lebovitz

later ..

I’ll leave you with a young vin deisel ..