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alien reptiles

March 24, 2008


So much fun being a newborn naturalist ..

Tim and I had a great expedition exploring the dana point breccia coastline ..

we found evidence of alien reptilian life .. fascinating – yes ?!




March 24, 2008


I have seen many deep, lush photos of the lupine blooming this year.

.. but I like this one .. it reminds me of sheet music ..


so much to say

March 24, 2008


This little one wanted to stop and talk .. so sweet.


nature trail morphology

March 20, 2008

This trail is the birthplace of my new childhood and it is different every day.
I have so many photos of this place !
It might be fun to create a series of morphing photos to illustrate her astonishing changes.
No photoshop help in this one.
There is something here for me that transcends any enhancements ..



dana point geology

February 27, 2008

When the env class geology field trip was canceled – on account of gentle early morning rain …….
I could not help but get on with it, and do my own thing .. so onward to the coast !

I made many photos within this self -guided exploration, but there was something about this frame that ignited a love for my new camera – canon G9 – could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship ? I see depth of field .. a sky and clouds revealing my beginning of the trek .. and crispy rock detail in the foreground .. am I dreaming ? could it be the cabernet ?*

the land

February 27, 2008
Last week env200 had an ‘intro to birding’ field trip with Paul Klahr ..
so great to experience early morning in the Laguna Greenbelt, listening to billions of birds.
We saw and heard a pair of gnatcatchers – on the watchlist.
I have been loving some great clouded days too ..
perfect for hiking the Caspers east ridge –
deliciously lush and beautiful ..
native species – feels like home
white sage*


limestone canyon burn recovery

February 4, 2008

Although it was shocking to see such burn devastation, it was fascinating
to see the signs of recovery.
Below is an example of how trees sprout at the base, or crown.

ENV200 is an 8 week class at Saddleback College with weekend field trips.
Upon completing the class I will receive a certificate that enables me to give docent tours with any southern california park or conservancy.
I don’t know if I’ll ever give a tour, but I am loving the class.


well said

February 1, 2008

happy trails

January 18, 2008
Yesterday I took the whole day to explore the juaneno and sanjuancreek trails.
This terrain makes me giggle and puts the widest grin on my face.
Like coming home ..

The juaneno trail weaves in and out from wooded canyon cliffs into rocky, scrubby, san juan creek – a bit dry these days – but to me so beautiful.

So, the camera is going to be fine .. I need to grow into it ..
.. that’s a good thing.
My monitor is poor which doesn’t help. Graphics card is very good. All these billions of pixels are immensely difficult to control, but I am comfortable in knowing I want to learn it all, including photoshop CS !

my january

January 7, 2008
.. what is snowing ?
caspers – january 2008