limestone canyon burn recovery

February 4, 2008

Although it was shocking to see such burn devastation, it was fascinating
to see the signs of recovery.
Below is an example of how trees sprout at the base, or crown.

ENV200 is an 8 week class at Saddleback College with weekend field trips.
Upon completing the class I will receive a certificate that enables me to give docent tours with any southern california park or conservancy.
I don’t know if I’ll ever give a tour, but I am loving the class.



well said

February 1, 2008

happy trails

January 18, 2008
Yesterday I took the whole day to explore the juaneno and sanjuancreek trails.
This terrain makes me giggle and puts the widest grin on my face.
Like coming home ..

The juaneno trail weaves in and out from wooded canyon cliffs into rocky, scrubby, san juan creek – a bit dry these days – but to me so beautiful.

So, the camera is going to be fine .. I need to grow into it ..
.. that’s a good thing.
My monitor is poor which doesn’t help. Graphics card is very good. All these billions of pixels are immensely difficult to control, but I am comfortable in knowing I want to learn it all, including photoshop CS !

my january

January 7, 2008
.. what is snowing ?
caspers – january 2008

rock talk

January 5, 2008
this seems innocent enough – yes ? – this rock was begging me to take him home
no way – doesn’t he know this is a protected wilderness preserve ?
why would he ever want to leave here anyway ?!!

making the leap

January 2, 2008
the little nature loop at Caspers has some charming features
I am enjoying all it’s subtle sweetness
this nature life has seduced me completely
my new camera will arrive on monday

always there

January 1, 2008

* * * * A Remarkably Joyous and True New Year To All * * * *
May your hearts yield to the infinite peace and love
that is always there for you.

my new world

December 26, 2007

Having fallen hard for the land, my new love/obsession during these past weeks, it wasn’t a far leap that the camera would follow .. I am planet earth !

* *

the suspense is thrilling me

December 4, 2007

this is the point in the dye process where I can believe that love is possible and life could truly become a bowl of cherries

Last night I dyed 3 yards of my new satin rayon – this time I twisted and scrunched it into a bucket for the two color overnight technique

I love this part because before I see the results it could be beautiful or mud or boring or completely glorious but it is still unknown and therefore, well, portentous (is that a word?) – but anyway, it’s sitting there in the bucket waiting for me to perform the reveal and I love not doing it – delaying that imminent gratification or disappointment –

I buy my procion dyes at dharma trading co . The quality is there, the price is right, the service impeccable. Well, I had to at least put a link in here – no photos – the computer doesn’t like the camera dock at the moment.

glad that’s over

November 27, 2007


We did the traditional thanksgiving here for seven people – felt like 27 – and I am never going to eat again – food and holidays are entirely overrated

Really – I’ve had enough – bah humbug

It’s my turn to be sittin’ here watching the wheels go round and round I really love to watch them roll

You take over from here – here’s some good recipe links ..

williams sonoma

david lebovitz

later ..

I’ll leave you with a young vin deisel ..